Regular Courses

  • 11th and 12th science HSC / CBSE
  • IIT & Engineering Entrance Exam: JEE(Main), JEE (Adv), CET, BITS, VITEE, SRM
  • Medical Entrance Exam: NEET, CET, AIIMS
  • Pure Science : KVPY
  • 8th, 9th & 10th IIT/MED Regular + foundation
  • All day care classes also available from 6th¬†to 12th
  • A Minimum of 2 revisions of each & every subject is ensured, by different faculty, including from the best in the country during the entire course.
  • Comprehensive Teaching and practice of 10000 Hrs in two years in presence of faculty is the biggest thing ever to happen.
  • Student has access to one or other teacher every moment for getting his doubts clarified instantly which is very important for preparation.
  • We conduct weekly tests to know the level of understanding of the students. Nearly 100 tests in 2 years give practice which makes student perfect.

6th to 10th Reg. 8th to 10th  Foundation

This coaching Program offers a strong foundation for IIT cum Engg Aspirants, Medical Aspirants in order to pave easy way for getting through in the competitive exam at the end of 12th standard, which makes them way ahead of others.